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Fear of Success

I believe that almost everyone has a new business idea buried inside their mind. Many of them never get out of the “idea stage”. Some get started then difficulties arise and the business fails; that, in many cases, is the end of the “own your own business dream”.

Fear creates many feelings. One that is very common is the fear of starting a business and then failing. Those people don’t start a business and then they will never fail at a business.

The person that starts a new ventures and fails is filled with doubt about their ability to succeed at anything.  Their lack of self confidence is further amplified by a spouse or a friend that says ” I told you it wouldn’t work”. Usually, as a result of such a failure self pity sets in and excuses come forth as to why it failed and why they will never try a new business again.

There are several critical keys to a business:

  • Know when it is time to give up on a bad business and go on to another
  • Know that you will always learn from your mistakes
  • Know that those that tell you can’t succeed, have never succeeded at anything themselves
  • Know that if you get to bat enough times you will eventually hit a home run

In counseling new clients, I very often find that fear is their greatest problem in earning extra income, or starting a new business.  The second stopper  is family and friends,that, instead of offering encouragement, they only look at the possibility of failure and how it will affect that person.

My advice to all, is live your business dream.


The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.”

Have a great day!

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