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Business to Business Marketing

Perhaps the end user of your service or product is an individual and thus, you have given very little thought about marketing to an existing business. Let’s think about where your individual potential consumers spend their day, working of course. What if the owner of a business offered your product or service as a “bonus” for working there?

Companies with hundreds or thousands of employees often offer “employment benefits”; such items can include discount cards for a particular service or product. There is a lot of competition for those large firms; they are called on almost everyday with discount programs for their employees. The small business operation with under 50 employees is seldom offered any discount services. Almost any product or service can be offered at a discount. By getting an endorsement from an owner and the opportunity to make a presentation to the employees, you save money on marketing cost. Marketing cost are sometimes figures as the cost to get a customer to buy your product or service.  When you make a presentation to 5, 10 or more people at the same time and have the endorsement of the “boss”, you gain instant credibility.

The following are some business to business marketing suggestions:

  • You initial call on a business owner has to convey a benefit to him first and to his employees second. 
    • it can help with retention
    • it can be a benefit designed exclusively  for his employees
    • it will show that he cares for his employees
    • it will increase moral
  • Have a well thought out presentation. Use a power point presentation, or a notebook “flip chart” presentation. Remember that each part of the presentation has to emphasize the benefit to the owner as he/she has to buy into the concept.
  • Listen to the business owner, ask questions about business, the company vision, successes and obstacles, even family. You always have a better chance of making a sale is you listen at least twice as long as you talk.
  • Leave a parting gift that has value ( star bucks card, book, cup, etc) also a brochure on what you just offered.

Work with your mentor and support team to finalize the presentation to a business.


Every promising meeting, call or exchange should conclude with you asking for a specific Next Step.

Have a great day!

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