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Growing a small business is one of the hardest things to accomplish. The reason is not because the idea for the business was not a good one, but because the owner/ founder feels that he has to do everything himself. Many small  business owners feel that they are the only ones capable of maintaining and growing the business, thus, they won’t let anyone else take on any serious responsibility within the organization.

True business growth means that everyone, including your first employee, should be able to learn from you and should be encouraged to recommend new growth ideas. If you are a true leader for your firm that you have to inspire others, by being a mentor, to carry on your concepts, add their own thoughts, and be allowed to implement an idea that you approved.

Each of us has a unique strength. as a business founder, you may have to start by doing many jobs; from cleaning the office to delivering the goods and service you provide.  Ultimately you have to either hire people to work with you or outsource the thlings that are not your strength. I have seen owners take an afternoon and stuff and seal envelopes for a mailing. This is something that could have been outsourced to almost anyone at a small fraction of the cost that an owners time is worth.

My message is for you to do what you do well. Usually, that is the base upon which your business is built, and what brings in the most cash flow. An owner doing busy work tells me that there is no direction for the organization. It also tell me that the owner does not have the confidence in either himself or his overall business. It is possible that you are the reason that your business is not living up to your expectations or its true potential.


Hire the best staff you can find, develop them as much as you can, and hand off everything you possible can to them… When you have the right staff,  potential skyrockets.

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