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Moving ahead

Perhaps life is not turning out the way you expected. This afternoon I had a call which resulted in a visit with a person whose life is not turning out as he hoped. To start with, he bought both his home and a rental property at the top of the market (2006) and currently both have lost approximately 40% of their value. Having bought the two homes with little down, he is facing high mortgage payments. The rental  unit has been vacant for over six months and to further complicate life, he is currently unemployed. He is behind on both loan payments and has paid a loan reduction service to work on reducing both loan payments. He has devoted the last 6 months to work on the mortgage reduction ( payment reduction)  and is very positive that it can be accomplished and then he can focus on getting another job.

The visit was amazing to me in as much as this person was optimistic about his future. He shared, that his positive thinking was going to overcome all his bad luck.

What this person does in life is the only thing he can control. At the present time he is waiting for something to happen; for someone else to do something that can change his life. How many people are unemployed or underemployed and are waiting  for something good to happen? Watching TV, playing on the internet and doing odd jobs around the house while waiting for that change does not make it become a reality.

Action, doing something different, is the key to growth. We must change ourselves if we are to move forward. Many of us are stuck doing the same thing and expecting different results, or doing nothing and expecting different results.

The most difficult thing anyone of us can do is to change ourselves. Some people have that inner drive and can accomplish this on their own, most of us have to have a mentor or a support group to help us navigate through a personal change.

The easy way to failure is to do nothing, change is hard but the rewards are awesome!


“It’s not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them- the character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas”

Have a great day!

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