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Fresh Start

The day after Easter is a good time to revitalize your business. The best way to accomplish this is to treat yourself by spending several hours, away from the office and home ( consider a public library). This is a much more effective use of your time, rather then going to work and doing the same thing you have been doing. Even if you feel that your business is progressing at a good pace, you still need to treat yourself to this two hour “quiet time”.

The tools you need for this process are as follows: a pad of paper, a writing instrument, and an open mind. Turn off your phone and pager and tell all who need to know,  that you are in a very important meeting.  After all I have written about the importance of a mentor and a support team you may wonder why they are not included in this meeting. The purpose of this session is to look within yourself, answer a few questions and let your inner self ask a few questions. After this session you can share your findings (and there will be some) with your mentor and perhaps your support team.

The following questions should be written on your pad and will serve as a start to the process:

  • How am I doing with regards to: my family and myself? Am I spending enough quality time with both?
  • What was my vision when I started my business?
  • Am I on track with the vision?
  • If I was starting this business today, what would I do different?
  • What can I do to improve my business?
  • If money was not a consideration, what would I do to improve my business?

These questions will start your thinking process and will lead to more questions and answers. If your mind wanders, write down your thoughts.

If you finish before your two hours are up, go over your questions and answers. Stay for the full two hours and let you mind relax; you might come up with some very useful directions.

This process should be repeated at least every two months.


It is never too late to adopt healthy new skills and make the effort to improve your life and business.

Have a Happy Easter!

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