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Spirituality and Business

A small business is a reflection of its owner. In order for it to be “complete” its owner needs to be “complete”. Out lives are made up of many parts that require our attention. Those parts include family, our physical well being, our work, our community  and perhaps most important of all is our spirituality.

Our belief system ( spirituality) dictates our  honesty, how we treat others, our work ethic,how we take care of ourselves, how much attention we pay to our family, and how much we give back to our community.

Starting or owning a small business does require time, but your family deserves time today, not a promise of time sometime in the future. You can never make up the missed little league games or the many other first time events that our children experience. Your spouse needs time with you, to share not only your business but also their activities.

By exercising and eating right you prolong your life, have better health and can function better in everything you do. A minimum of 30 minutes a day of exercise will translate in your feeling better and will also give you a more productive work day.

Sunday is Easter, the most important date in Christianity. Take time to reflect on your own spirituality; how much time do you spend each day, giving thanks for your blessings?


A friend of mine told me this:  ”  The only thing you can take with you to heaven is another soul”  This sentence may help you put your life in perspective.

Have a great day!

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