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It’s no fun; it’s hard work; it takes time; I”m going to work until they carry me out  feet first; it won’t work; nobody does it; I do it when I prepare my taxes; I won’t have to if I can just earn more money;  these are just a few of the excuses I have heard just in the last year as to why people don’t want to prepare and stick to a budget.

Most of us have a very weak character ( the ability to carry on after the mood has left you) when it comes to budgeting. I am combing this blog to refer both to business and personal budgeting. Many people don’t want to hear why they are in financial trouble. The blame can be shifted to the economy, bad luck, the competition, the government, the banks, etc. etc. etc. It’s never the fault of the person  who has run out of money. In my experience I have found that the majority of businesses ( or families) the fail financially never had and never implement a budgeting routine.

It takes money to make money but if you overspend each month there will never be any money available for savings or wise investing.

Budgeting help is the last thing on a “list of must do” or “must get”  for families or businesses. People seek the help of financial  planner or stock broker, or insurance agent to invest their money, but most of these “sales people”  don’t want to help develop and implement a budget strategy.

Budgeting support for a business or family may be the least expensive investment, yet can yield the greatest return. The family budget is the foundation; a small business owner’s life is part of the business and unless a family budget is established there is very little chance for a business budget to succeed.

I advocate a monthly review of all budgets and forecasts by a family ( or business) with their advisor. I act as a wellness doctor, to examine your status and make sure you are taking the proper “medication”.

My best advice is to start today!


Without a plan, any path will take you where you don’t want to go!

Have a great day!

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