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Trust & Support your area small businesses

We have a lot of options when we shop. We can visit national chains for clothes, electronics, toys, food, as well as many services. Many of the products sold by these chains are not manufactured in our country. Most of these national chains do not have their headquarters in our community.

Nationwide service companies such as real estate, insurance, financial planning, banks, hotels, etc. etc. etc. have the profits from our purchases sent to a corporate office “somewhere”. Our precious dollars don’t stay and help our local community.

You are a small business owner but who are you? You are a neighbor, a father, a husband, a little league coach, member of a church community, a volunteer plus another dozen things that have a direct impact on our community.

When you support a small business owner, you are dealing with a real live person who has a lot at stake to provide you with the very best services or products.

Someone has to start the “ball rolling” whenever possible, buy your products or services from a small business. Introduce yourself to the owner and tell him/her why you are supporting them. Give them your business card and share the message as to the importance of supporting one another.

Wouldn’t it be nice if one of you printed signs for windos that encourage all who enter to support a local small business. Maybe brochures  could be placed in every business explaining the imortance of the local small firm.

Are there enough of you who would like to start this movement and take it nationwide? I am a willing participant.


It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.

Have a great day!

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