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Judgement at Nuremberg

Watched a move this evening “Judgment at Nuremberg”. It was a black and white movie staring Spencer Tracy. It was about a trial conducted shortly after the second world in which 5 German Officers were on trial for the murders of thousands of people in their prisoner of war camps. I’m sure that during the film they showed actual footage of the camps, hundreds of bodies, stacked on on top of each other. They showed a bulldozer moving bodies into open trenches. It’s the type of movie that many people don’t want to watch. Many others don’t even believe that this genocide every happened. There is an old saying that if we don’t study and learn from our history, it’s bound to repeat itself. The movie ended with an editorial that none of the prisoners found guilty in war trials served more than five years of their life sentences.

Most of us live in comfortable surrounding, sure we are hurt by the current economy, but unlike other parts of the world where thousands are being killed, starved and persecuted, we have it easy. We don’t want to know about the hurts of others as long as it doesn’t hurt us.

This movie made me think about our own country. I believe that I can see signs that scare me. We were founded upon  Christian Principles, but we are no longer following them. I see many of our people waiting for the government to take care of them. Our movies,internet, video games, etc. show killings, and are young people and children have this type of “garbage” filling their minds.
We took prayer out of schools and are slowly eliminating any reference to the motto on our coins “In God We Trust”. The German people were let astray and had their minds corrupted, and so they bought into this false ideal. We need to beware of “false god’s”.

As small business owners we are the leaders, the backbone and the hope for the future of our Nation .We have to start in our own communities. Our school systems are no longer the best in the world; our country is in debt, and I wonder where our pride is. We have a must message to spread about the roots upon which our great nation was founded.

If we don’t lead our communities, others will lead us and you won’t like the path that is set for us.

Please, include this challenge into your daily business activities. Pray about it and take action.


Live life with a due sense of responsibility, not as those who do not know the meaning of life but as those who do.

Ephesians 5:15

Have a great day!

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  1. EE on April 11, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    right on

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