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The main ingredient for success

“The distinction  between the successful and the not so successful is not a function of technical or professional expertise, education, or luck. Skill in marketing and selling, more than any other factor, explains the difference between those who struggle and those who flourish at the pinnacle of success.” This quote is from a book on consulting by Shenson. I read this book  almost twenty years ago and at the time  I copied this sentence and put it on a very visible place on my desk. This statement is, perhaps, more important today then it was 20 years ago when I first read it.

Many of my clients love to concentrate on their expertise (something different than marketing) with the hope of producing a better product or service. In many cases they accomplish their goal and then wonder why their business is not flourishing. Is fear of the unknown or fear of rejection the reason for the hesitation? Typical excuse is “I don’t know  how to market or sell”; my answer is “you did not know how to tie your shoe until you practiced and now it’s second nature.”  Selling and marketing require the same kind of perseverance as tying your shoe lace. Sitting in your office or store and waiting for someone to walk in is a sure way to help guarantee your business failure.

My blogs take only a few minutes to read. Go to and start working backwards; read each blog, pay special attention to those that pertain to marketing. Make a list of at least three marketing ideas and then go to work. Share your thoughts with your mentor and support team and commit to your group that you will concentrate on one or two ideas and ask them to hold you accountable to the effort you pledge to make.


Robert Kennedy once said; ‘Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”.

Have a great day!

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