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Yes, Your Idea is a Good One

Business experts, or people who think they are experts, often squash good ideas by telling others, with a lot of authority in their voice, that their idea won’t work. Many new ideas sound “dumb” at first but then turn out to be very profitable. My question, if it’s a new idea, how can anyone, including so called experts, tell you that it can’t work.

Unfortunately, many discouraging remarks start with the family; usually they are the first to hear the idea. Just becuase someone has been working at a cerain job for a length of time, does not mean that they cannot have a workable and profitable idea for a new business. Both family members and friends see you as you are now, capable of doing only what you are currently doing. They have a perceived image of your status and capabilities and coming up with a new idea is not one of them.

Many people focus on today and a new idea is all about tomorrow. Sure, failure is a possibility; any idea might fail. But remember that failures eventually lead to success; each failure is another rung in the ladder that will lead you to the top.

Our high unemployment  and high underemployment is, in my opinion, caused by the lack of confidence. As a nation, we have been discouraged about thinking outside the box. Our parents and teachers tell us (guide us in a direction they want us to go) that we should learn a trade or get a degree in a certain subject because it can be a good life long career.

One of my clients has recently received his PhD in business. I asked him what he learned in graduate school and he shared the things he learned, mostly about what has been done in the past, and systems that can duplicate the process that let to the past success. He is now equipped to teach at a junior college or university level with very little real life business experience. A more in depth discussion showed that there were no classes in “out of the box” business systems.

Listen to your heart, take a leap of faith; get rid of that self doubt  that others have instilled in you.


Do it now. The business obituary pages are filled with planners who waited.

Have a great day!

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