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One on One, Live business planning

Have developed and test market a “One on One, Live  Business Planning Session”. Using the internet for live (face to face) conversation and e-mail for document review, it is now possible for you to talk, in person, face to face, with Nick Petra, on a weekly basis, at a fraction of an in person planning session.

I have been publishing this blog for over a year and I thank my followers for your encouragement and suggestions. With a carefully developed process and the use of the internet, I can now work with small business owners anywhere, and offer specific “how to plans”.

From today until the end of May ( or until 25 subscriptions are received) I am offering 10 weekly half hour session to address your most pressing needs or to complete a mini Focus Business Plan. In addition to the 10 personal sessions, you will have access to Nick via e-mail between the live session. We have been using SKYPE  for our trial live session and have received very good comments from our clients.  The cost for this special offering is only a total of $600 for the entire 10 weeks and I will include a copy of my Be Prepared Book as part of the package. ( learn about The Be Prepared Book at />

Accountability and commitment is the key to building a business, whether you select me as your mentor or someone else, invest in yourself and your business and learn the discipline for success.

For a description of the process, please e-mail me at . Tomorrow I will go back to my regular topics for my blog. If you want my input on a specific topic via my blog, please sent your request to


Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.

Have a Great Day!

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