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Speak as an Expert

It does not matter if you sell a product or service, there is an opportunity for you to gain personal and business exposure through public speaking. In preparing to make yourself available as a speaker, start by answering this question:  What aspect of your product or service can help people? When making a presentation,  by  gearing it towards self-improvement or helping others, you will be better received than if you were talking about a specific product or service. Make a list of how others can benefit, we will use some of those facts as part of our presentation.

Next step is your introduction. There are two, the first is the one that motivates the person selecting a speaker to chose you and the second is the introduction as you get ready to make your presentation. They both carry basically the same message and both should be prepared by you. As a messenger of an important vision you have to place yourself on a pedestal. Before your audience can buy into your vision, that have to believe in you. You must be introduced as being extremely competent  and an expert on your topic.  An audience who expects to see an inspiring speaker is much more likely to see one.You have to believe in yourself before others can.

As you prepare your presentation, you will be focused on what you say and what you show, but your audience will be more concerned as to what happens if they “buy” into your vision. The goal of the presentation is not only to show the benefits of your vision, but also to establish a position of trust. In a typical 20 minute presentation, you must build “Moments of  Trust” throughout the talk. For example, people trust what they understand;  they trust what is familiar; they trust what can be proven; they trust those that dress as they do and they trust people whose language is similar.

Combine all these concepts into a brochure or letter and start a mailing, e-mail, or social media campaign offering to speak on your vision at no charge. Don’t forget to send news releases about your availability and the benefits of your vision. There are hundreds of groups who can use a well qualified and interesting speaker. From civic groups, to church groups to business groups, etc. you will find that there is a need for a good presentation.

Write out your 20 minute talk and deliver it to your family and your support group; it has to flow smoothly and show confidence. If you can share your vision to 50 people a week that’s 2,500 people that have heard you directly. The results of these encounters are totally in your hands. No other marketing is as powerful or as “inexpensive” a you making a personal,inspired presentation.


” A mediocre speaker tells. The good speaker explains. The superior speaker demonstrates. The great speaker inspires.

Have a great day!

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