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Best Time to Grow your Business

Now, right now, is the best time to grow your existing business or to start a new one. There are many favorable things going on now; quality staff is now available, (lot of people looking for an opportunity) commercial space is not only readily available, but at a much lesser price than 3 to 4 years ago.

Buyers are still in the market place; remember, when we have a 20% unemployment rate we have an 80% employment rate and those 80% are still buyers. All buyers, (the 20 & 80%) are more selective in what they buy and value has become more important factor in their purchases.

Every product or service has a value and serves a need. Our job, as business owners is to define the need and show how our product or service best fills the void.

Many of the unemployed realize that the career that they left may no longer be available to them. A career change is now a requirement for future success. I believe that in that 20% there are a few people that are willing to start at the bottom, learning  a new trade. As business owners, we should start thinking about hiring and training people in our business to work with us and learn from us. There are a lot of “scams” out there promising unreal results just by paying a small fortune to the “scam” artist and then you will earn thousands with ever lifting a finger. If we promise low pay, hard work and an honest opportunity to grow with a small business, people will come to you, some even will work for free just to learn your business and prove to you that they are deserving of growing with you.

Grow your business and help others by training them and offering them an opportunity to pay their own way.


When you are doing what you love to do, no one has to motivate you.

Have a great day!

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