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Suppose You want to earn an additonal $5,000 per month

Suppose you want to earn an additional $5,000 per month in  your business, starting in 90 days.. When you decide to increase you monthly income there has to be a method in order for you to succeed. Setting a goal and waiting for something good to happen won’t work, just as doing the same thing you have always done, won’t work.

The first step has been accomplished, a goal has been set. In order to achieve this goal it has to be translated into an action plan. The goal has to be broken down into the following components.

  • Daily projects that need to be done (building blocks to set the foundation)
  • Weekly benchmarks that have to be met by week end
  • Accountability ( this part is very critical and I recommend that your mentor or support person be in charge of this part)
  • Detail breakdown of time, money and other resources needed to complete this project.
  • Last, but not least is your CharacterThe ability to carry on after the mood has left you. Good ideas often don’t result into the desired result because the person responsible for achieving the goal procrastinates.

Other consideration in the forming of this 90 day plan include:

  • new skills to be learned
  • support from others
  • daily time required and have that time set each day. Nothing else should take you away from this time. An emergency, a special client, etc, will wait. Being disturbed from working at the allotted time, most often means that you will not return to this project on that day. A day that is missed will never be made up!

This system will work, but it’s up to you to “want to” achieve thi goal.


” We cannot and will not achieve our full potential unless we establish goals that require us to develop our full abilities.

Have a great day!

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