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Cost to earn an Additional $5,000 per month starting in 90 days

Had an opportunity today, based on last evenings blog, to work with a client on developing a plan to accomplish the additional income. The main concern was the cost factor; how much would it cost to implement a realist plan. The following are the steps we took in determing the cost.

  1. First, we looked at the possible sources of additional revenue. This was a service business and we determined that establishing new contacts was our main goal/
  2. We next developed a list of action items needed to meet the people and a marketing system to introduce them to the service.We came up with a total of 14 action items that needed to be undertaken in the next 90 days.
  3. Since this service company needs to maximize its exposure and tell a story we came up with the following expenditures.
  • Printed material (cards brochures, logo design, letterhead & envelopes)   cost of $1,000
  • Joining a civic organization and a lead exchange group  came to another $1200 for the 90 day period
  • The company has a web presence, but it needed to be reworked. cost $500
  • decided to send out three newsletters per month using constant contact. at a cost of $60
  • Having a weekly blog was another need that had to be fulfilled. Estimated cost for the first 90 days $ $60
  • We added another miscellaneous figure for $180.

The total cost of the campaign came to $3,000.000

The time requirements to implement the action plan came to 2.5 hours per day. We worked out a weekly schedule as to when this time was available and we blocked out the first week. Yes, I was selected as the mentor for accountability; I won’t do the work, but will set up a weekly personal meeting to measure our progress against the time frame chart we designed.


Tell people – in a single compelling sentence – why they should buy from you instead of someone else.

Have a great day.

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