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Eliminate Fear

One of the greatest obstacles to small business growth is the fear that exists in the mind of your prospect. People are afraid of being sold “something”, something that they don’t need or something that can be bought “cheaper” from someone else. They fear that the product/service you are selling is available somewhere else and it may be superior to yours.

These, and many other “fears” have to be confronted and conquered. The place to conquer these fears is in your marketing program. As a small business, every e-mail you send out, every brochure send  send out, every person you talk to becomes part of the marketing process.

Let’s look at a few “fear conquering ideas”

  • Prospects may trust a third party who has used your product/service and has had their expectations met or exceeded. At the time you deliver to a satisfied customer ask them permission to print a statement about how good your product/service is. Get the permission in writing and ask to use their name and, if possible, a picture. Make these powerful testimonies visible in all your marketing endeavors. The more you get the more you will benefit.
  • If you believe in your product or service, offer a free session, if a service, or a no questions asked return policy for a product.
  • Set up a test area for your product in your store. If it’s a service, offer a free session.
  • Don’t sell your product or service, only sell the benefits.
  • Before you sell a product or a service, understand and satisfy your prospect.

To often a small business rushes out to “sell” without first preparing their strategy. These points are just a few consideration in overcoming the  fear factor. Every product or service has a unique fear in the eyes of a prospect, in addition to those I mentioned. Identify them and then prepare your marketing so that those fears can be overcome.


If you are selling a service, you’re selling a relationship.

Have a great day!

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