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Yesterday I wrote about Eliminating Fear; one of my points was to use the words of your satisfied clients as part of your marketing effort. This morning I was given some very important statistics with regards to this subject. When people go to your web site,the following happens if you have client testimonials.

  • 62% of the people that go to your web site will read the reviews
  • more important, 80%, of those will buy from you because of the reviews.

These statistics show the power and importance of testimonials. I recently bought a flip camera and plan to add video to my blog, and to my web site. One interesting web site had a link called “testimonials”. When you click on the link it shows a montage of pictures of different people. When you click on a picture, the person, or persons, in the pictures  have their picture frame transformed into a video of themselves giving a testimonial. This page had 16 different pictures, all different sizes ( to create interest) and all of them, when clicked on opened to a video testimonial.

Technology is ever changing and a growing tool in the small business tool kit. It’s no longer enough to have a a web page. It has to provide  information as to who visits your web site and why ( complete statistical information on your prospects is now mandatory, not a luxury) . It has to be easy to navigate and and must provide your prospects the information they are looking for.

Even a small business must have the tech support to create a good web page. It might not be a staff member, but out sourcing this job so it is done right, will be worth the expense.

There are many webinars on the  internet and specifically web site development,  some are free, others only cost a few dollars. Plan some time each week (several hours) to tune in and learn.


words alone will not get  a good response because our memories are primarily visual.

Have a great day!

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