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Free Time

Many small business owners schedule themselves weeks, months and some, even years in advance. The typical schedule,  that I see, involves getting to work, meetings, marketing, paper work, etc. Seldom do I see any personal time scheduled.

While all the above are important to operating a business, scheduling “free” or personal time is equally important. Just as you schedule a meeting with a client, you must schedule free time in advance. Just like a client/prospect time is critical to business growth and you let nothing keep you from your appointment, your personal “free” time is just as important and nothing should interfere with it.

In the past, I have prioritized, what I consider to be important. My order is spiritual, family, business and community. The secret is that the first two items on my list re-energize my batteries. Without time for yourself,  you open the door to “business burn out”, and then your entire business suffers.

There is no right or wrong way to make a schedule, but a schedule is critical to small business success. Create  a schedule for the next year, right now. Schedule your family time ( birthdays, special events, etc) , personal free time, and self improvement time.  Let your normal work routine fill in the time that is left. Stick to this schedule, let your family count on it! You will notice an improvement in your attitude towards you bushiness and you will accomplished in less time.


The greatest gift  you can give someone is your time.

Have a great day!

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