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Business Alliances

No one marketing concept is going to be the exclusive answer to increasing your business. Marketing is a day in and day out effort and new approaches have to be looked at, tried and implemented. And when something works,follow through with the concept, but  continue looking for other new marketing opportunities.

In today’s economy, every small business has to be creative in order to survive; most small business owners are looking for ideas on how to attract new clients. Each of us, regardless of our product or service is in the “people business”.If you stay current with my blog, you have heard me talk about different groups; this evening  I want to present another group for your consideration.

Each of us has relationships with many small businesses; let’s look at some that each of us has a contact with.

  • insurance: We all carry car, home, health  or business insurance. Even if you are working with a national firm, there is a small office with a manager or owner that you deal withy.
  • accountant: Most small business use an accountant that does not work within their business structure.
  • Dentist: As much as we may fear a dentist, we still have to occasionally use one. That dentist office is a small business with problems much like yours.
  • Doctor: Your doctor also runs a small business.
  • Make a list of the suppliers that you use in your business.
  • Make a list of services that you use in your business ( include banks, and any other service provider you use in your business or personal life.) 

Compile a list of all your contacts, it should be no less than 8 people. Write a personal letter to each inviting them to a “Business Alliance” meeting to learn about the benefits of participating in a free,  unique monthly meeting, on how to grow and prosper in today’s changing economic climate. If you have access to a large enough conference room, use it. Have coffee, juice and bagels, etc available for the meeting. If you don’t have a conference room, book a room in a small local restaurant. You are providing a free breakfast to get this group going.

Those on your list that don;t participate and don’t have a legitimate excuse, perhaps should be replaced and you should start looking for others that need your business.

The format I structured for this type of group is to have each  person share a marketing success and also to have a monthly speaker or education session for the group. If you want to discuss in more detail how I can help you  set up this group, please contact me.


” Nothing I say will teach me anything. If I’m going to learn something, I’ll have to do it by listening.

Have a great day!

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