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2010 can still be your best year ever

It’s not about survival, it’s about working smarter and making 2010 your best year ever. The current economic situation has most small businesses tracking their expenses, helping their staff be more effective and looking at what changes to business practices must be made to ensure sustainability. It is necessary to “establish clear goals, analyze options, make ongoing performance assessments and periodic adjustments – all to be executed with discipline to promote a positive long-term outcome.”

Having survived through the worst of times it’s time to look at these emerging trends, and incorporate them in your business plans. First is the delivery to your clients/customers a high quality service. Second, I mentioned in a blog several days ago and that was incorporating the arriving baby boomers in your marketing plan and third, build an efficient operation, a fit and trim business machine.

This evening I would like to expand on my definition of a ” fit and trim business machine. My definition of a “desk audit” is making sure that everyone in your business is accomplishing what is expected of them. Is everyone working in an efficient manner? Do they understand  their job and how it fits into the overall business goal? Is everyone working at a maximum capacity? Does each person in the business have  a written “production” plan which both they and the owner have signed off on? Is each person held accountable for their “production” and is it reviewed and adjusted monthly?

Last, but not least, is the owner working at what he/she is best at and to they have a clear concept of their own job responsibility?
The owner is a part of the team and must set the example and be help accountable just as every other person in the firm.


” Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

Have a great day!

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