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Don’t let the stock market drag you down

Global economics may influence our stock market. Greece now and possibly Spain, Portugal and Ireland may have financial problems in the future. Fear that our country is following the same path is scaring a lot of our financial institutions. So, what is a small business to do?

First, don’t stop working and marketing your product/service. Second, make sure that you are working on a budget and that you are building a cash reserve for both yourself and your business. Your average customer, at the present time, is not affected by a drop in the stock market. Small business is the backbone of our economy and we must continue to work and maintain a positive a attitude. The majority of our population is working and will continue to need our products and services. If we talk “doom and gloom”, it will spread and then we will be in even more trouble.

Some of the media is trying to stop the entrepreneurial spirit in our country. My best advice is for you to stop reading, listening,or watching those that are trying to destroy our country.

Surround yourself with other “positive” small business owners and instead of talking about why it can’t be done, talk about how to get   it done. I am tired of listening to small business owners tell me why their business can’t succeed. Their negative approach is a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s easier to say it can’t be done and then wait for someone else to solve your problems.

There is a solution to every problem, but you have to have Character ( the ability to carry on after the mood has left you) in order to survive and prosper. Respond to this blog and tell me something positive about your business.


“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.”

Have a great day!

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