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Outside the Box

Don’t do everything according to “Hoyle”, not in your life not in your business. Getting “out of the box” requires creativity and practice. Start by getting out of a rut; do you go home the  same way every day? For the next few weeks select a different way home; explores new streets, even if the journey takes a little longer.

Let’s look at other personal habits; try eating different foods, walk instead of driving if the distance is not great; go to lunch with someone you have never been with before. Get rid of your serious side and look for fun things to do. Take the family out to dinner; select a different place and be spontaneous. Take a day off and spend it with your spouse; find a special place to visit or to have lunch or????

Being creative in business is something each of us has to learn. By practicing a little every day in your personal life, it will transfer over to your business life. At work, move your office furniture around; change your daily routine; small changes will help you gain a fresh perspective on your business. As new ideas come forth, write them down, prioritize them and implement them as soon as possible.

We can no longer run our business as our grandfathers did. Nor  can we do the same thing we did last year and expect different results.

Work with your mentor and your support group. Brainstorming will help you develop your new ideas.

This coming week test yourself and see how many small things you can change in your life. Be adventurous, include your family in new activities. At the office do something out of character; i.e. bring coffee and donuts one morning for everyone….

Many times we find ourselves in a rut, the secret to success if knowing when to leave and refuel.


“Work smarter and harder so that you get to your destination sooner”

Have a great  day!

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