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People hear what they see

If you are in the people business then this memorable 1980 ad for an interior decorator said it all; “People hear what they see”.Next Tuesday evening I am going to attend a business networking meeting. A friend of mine told me about it and recommended that I attend. Since no one in this group knows what I do and how well I perform my service, they will first have to judge me by looking at me, how I stand, walk and talk. In other words, they will first be looking at my “outside”

Every visual clue will be considered when I have an opportunity to stand and share my business story. In reviewing what to take with me i decided on new business cards and a small brochure that is an enlargement of my business card but with more basic information. My goal is to imprint my “brand” via my cards and brochure; by keeping them simple and tied together with a logo and the same colors, I hope to be remembered next time they see my  logo.

It is hot in Arizona but I will still wear a shirt and tie (no jacket) to convey a professional image. The pictures on the web page, of the association, showed everyone in casual clothes. My thought is that the difference in dress will help me stand out and also, hopefully to be remembered.

During the meet and greet prior to dinner I will introduce myself to a few people. I don’t want to go around handing out cards and brochures to everyone. As I mentioned before, establishing a relationship with people you meet is the key, thus it is better to get to know one or two people than to shake hands with 50 and not establish a relationship.

I have written a short, self introduction about myself and my business. I will emphasize my unique “difference” in hopes that they will want to find out more about me and my service.

All marketing requires a plan; make sure you have one every time you meet someone or send out anything (e-mail, blog, letter, etc)


Prospects do not by how good you are at what you do. They buy how good you are at who you are.

Have a great day!

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