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Give Back

First, Happy Mother’s Day to all you awesome mothers.Thank you for all you do.

Had a great family mother’s day celebration and our Priest, Fr. Tom gave a great homily on motherhood. After our family gathering was over I reflected on the role of a mother. She does more work than anyone else; she is a nurse, a teacher, a wife, a janitor, clothes washer and presser, floor scrubber, transportation person, an understanding and sympathetic person and I could go on and on.

What is amazing, she does all this without fanfare, without pay; she does all this  for the love of her family.

In selecting a topic for this evening blog, I could think of no greater example of what we owe our community and how to best deliver the responsibility than comparing it to the role of a mother.

As small business owner we have a responsibility to our community. It is the members of the community that purchase our products and services that allow us to succeed. We have to pattern our action after our mothers; volunteer in your community; help the poor, feed the hungry, get involved with  community youth programs. Visit the elderly who have no one else to talk to. Do these things and many more without telling anyone else what you are doing. Don’t send out a news release that you are taking a basked of food to the local food bank.

When planning your time, allow time for this type of action. Teach your children by example; have them help you. Your family will grow stronger and believe lit or not, the more you do the better you will feel and that silent feeling will be conveyed somehow to your customers and your community and your business will benefit.


Character is both developed and revealed by test, and all of life is a test.

Have a great day!

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