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On-going marketing is a must in any business.  Marketing cannot be a one-dimensional effort. Over the past few months we have discussed many marketing options and through a careful evaluation process, hopefully,  you select the ones that felt would be  the most beneficial for you.

I have a challenge for you,  for the next 6 weeks; that is the equivalent of 30 working days. This is a planned marketing process and I ask that you follow it just as it is outlined. I believe that if you follow this  process, you will notice an improvement in your bottom line. There is no excuse to miss a day, unless you are on vacation or sick.

The first section is as follows:

  • Write down what your core business is
  • Make a list of why someone should do business with you
  • List the benefits for those that use your service
  • Write down the  best unique service that you offer.
  • Combine the above 4 points into one paragraph.
  • Read and re-write that paragraph until it says  exactly, what  and who you are.
  • Commit the finished paragraph to memory.

The second part is as follows:

  • Make a list of 30 people( make it 40 in case you can’t set appointment with the first 30) that you commit to visit in the next 30 days. Include e-mail, phone numbers, and their business information.
  • It is not necessary that these 30 people be existing clients; get out of your comfort zone and select some people that you would like to know better but have not done so.
  • Write down a script ( in case you get tongue tied) as to the reason you want to visit. As an example, you can ask for advice, or for them to review a plan, or for them to mentor you, etc. etc,. etc,
  • Next, take a calendar and start calling these 30 people. Set only one appointment per day. 
  • Keep the appointments you made. After each appointment, write how you felt about the appointment  and what you could have done to make it better.
  • Write a thank you note the day of the appointment, thank them for their help and tell them you will stay in touch and report back your successes.

Do this until you finish all 30 calls. Don’t skip a day, don’t be afraid and don’t procrastinate. Print this process and  place it on a very visible spot on your desk to remind you of your commitment.


My favorite definition:

Character, the ability to carry on after the mood has left you.

Have a great day!

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