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Part Two of “Back to One on One”

Thank you for the challenging calls and e-mails; yes, there is more to this process.

The first section is complete.It lays the foundation for the rest of this unique marketing process. You have to be enthusiastic and must believe that your service is the very best of its kind and that nothing else comes close to matching your service. By putting everything in writing, you can develop a clear and concise description of your core business and your unique service offering.

The second part is where more detail was requested. I will expand the points, in order,  as presented in yesterday’s blog.

  • I asked for 40 names and to set 30 appointments from those names. Yes, it is important to see one every day without skipping a day ( Monday  –  Friday).  This service two purposes; first, you are marketing your business and second, you are developing a good habit.
  • How to select 40 people to visit appears to present a problem. Existing clients, if available, should make up at least 50% of your list. If your business is new and you don’t have the 40 clients, then make a list of people you know, (other than family) and use them to start your list. Another possible source are other businesses that can use your service; in this case we must go in with an offer of support for their business and perhaps see what benefits your service has for them. Other suggestions include people you respect and admire from other areas of activity. Consider your place of worship, or a civic club, parents of your children’ s  friends; be creative, ask clients, family and friends for names of people that they can provide and perhaps allow you to use their name when setting an appointment. The main thing to remember is that you are not going to see these people to make a “sales call”. You are seeking advice, help or a possible mentor 
  • You must be prepared with a presentation when seeing these people. That is why I asked that you prepare yourself by writing down the help,complete a survey,  advice, etc,. that you need. You should include why you selected them in your presentation.

The last three points will remain unchanged. With proper follow up, these 30 people will become a future source, not only for advice but also for referrals. These referrals will come to you, without asking, as you stay in touch with these people, individually and on a regular basis ( at least once every 3 weeks).

When you have completed this assignment you will have established a relationship with the majority of these 30 people ( not always possible to get 100% success). If you organize yourself and develop a good “future contact” process you can start another 30 calls.


“People should know what you stand for. They should also know what you won’t stand for.”

Have a great day!

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