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Be Honest with Yourself

Sometimes the hardest person to be honest with is yourself. A small business owner is very vulnerable to his own thoughts and many times,  does not seek an outside opinion. When a business is in decline, then the owner needs to acknowledge the decline;  step back and take another look at his business and get outside opinions.

Many small business owners complain about being alone and not having anyone that will listen and help them. Pride, fear, lack of self confidence and a host of other excuses stops the business owner from reaching out. It’s time to face reality, working by yourself with only your own input, seldom results in business growth or even survival.

For the past year I have emphasized the importance of building a business support group and finding a trusted mentor. Problems will not be solved the day you start working with a mentor; new ideas have to be implemented and slow, consistent,  change is usually the best. Improvement will be visible in a business but don’t quit with the first forward step. A mentor should be a permanent fixture in all small businesses.  A word of caution; the first mentor you select may not be right for you. It’s not only knowledge that a mentor must provide but also a relationship of trust has to exist between the mentor and the business owner.

Technology has made the selection of a mentor possible, not only in your own area, but anywhere in the world. In our office we have used such tools as “SKYPE” to conduct face to face, ongoing,  mentoring session.

Be proactive, start a business support group and hire a mentor!

There is little you can learn from doing nothing.

Have a great day!

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