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Ideas for Growth for the rest of 2010

New resolutions and new plans for your business should not be reserved for the first of the year. The following are several suggestions that should be considered and perhaps implemented for the remaining 7 months of 2010.

  1. Commit to change. Agree to make the changes necessary to take advantage of today’s opportunities. Now, more than ever, change is the only constant in our lives.
  2. Rediscover your clients. Now is the time to touch base with your old clients. Give them an overview of what is going on in your industry and perhaps an educated forecast for balance of this year.
  3. Referral are priceless. The economic issues have not been resolved in our Nation. Any referrals that you received should be given the royal treatment as should the thank you, you give to the person doing the referral. 
  4. Strategic alliances are a must. Define your value proposition and then help other professionals reach their goal and your business will flourish. 
  5. Use your support group. Ask them their views about the economy in general and particular the challenges they foresee in the next year. Use this information to make adjustments in you plans.
  6. Review your purpose. Answer these questions: Why are you in business”? What is important about your business success?
  7. Develop focus. Adopt a plan for the rest of this year and stick with it. Changing direction every two or three months is a recipe  for failure.

Take the time to review where you are at and where you want to go. The foundation of your business has to be reinforced at least every six months.


” An optimist is a person who, when he  wears out his shoes just figures he’s back on his feet”

Have a great day!

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