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More reality about finding clients; I remember in the 70’s and 80’s my sales people used to “dial for clients”. They called from lists, or just cold calling from the phone book. Yes, they had some results; many new people started building their business base by cold calling. Now, with close to 200 million on the federal Do Not Call Registry, the telephone, other then being used to contact existing or previous clients, is not a good system for growing a business.

As a business consultant, I find that almost 65% of small businesses do not have a functioning process for acquiring new clients. Along the same line, most small businesses don’t know where their clients came from nor which of their marketing programs were the most successful.

Because the ability to find new clients is critical to the growth and survival of a business, I will, again, suggest a few basic concepts.

  • Lead generation: I define that as the creative process by which a business identifies potential clients and then sets in motion, a variety of methods to reel them into your office.
  • In my opinion, the major sources of new business are existing clients that have had a positive experience with your firm and “trusted advisers”. Depending on the type of business you have, trusted advisers are other professionals that are in a position to refer to you. I like to think that professionals that come in contact with a lot of people and who hold the trust of their clients are the ones that need the most concentration. An example my be attorneys, CPA’s financial planners, etc. For the most part, these professions have a position of trust with their clients and their clients will listen to their recommendation for referrals.

The systems that are put in place to develop these two sources of business are only limited by your imagination.


“With definite goals you release your own power, and things start happening”

Have a great day!

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