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It’s The Economy…..

It’s The Economy”.  This is, perhaps the worst excuse that a small business can make. When an owner says it, it demoralizes the employees; it also reinforces the owners own excuse for not being able to grow the business. We talk about changing our attitude; instead of using the economy as an excuse, we should make it a rallying cry to inspire ourselves and our staff to succeed.

Our current economy is providing many more opportunities for small business growth than a robust economy.Let’s look at how a positive attitude can help us look at the gains that can be had instead of the defeats.

  • Many businesses have the same excuse for not trying harder; “It’s the economy”. That means that there is less competition in the market place and more room for your business growth.
  • People are looking for  uplifting positive businesses with which to work. Keep all your marketing efforts upbeat.
  • The economy is changing the needs and buying habits of people. Most businesses are doing the same thing and expecting different results. Study the needs of the consumer and work to satisfy those needs with your products and services.
  • “Personal contact” is the new key word which shows that you care. It is better to target market and to establish a personal relationship with your clients than to market to the whole world. How many new clients do you need each day, each week, each month to be successful? I’ll bet that if you establish three solid relationships each week your business will flourish.
  • Some prospects will tell you that they cannot buy your product or service because of the economy. In my opinion, that’s and excuse to tell you that they don’t see value in your service or product. Always present yourself to satisfy a need and not to sell a product or service.


“Success if easy – once you believe”

Have a great day!

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