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You Can’t Succeed without Accountability

Over the past year I have received many positive comments on my daily marketing and management blogs. Many small business owners have told me that they will be implementing one or more of my suggestions. I make it a point to call the small business person, six weeks after their call to me, only to find that in most cases the excitement wore off and they are back to doing the same thing. I have yet to hear, what I consider a legitimate excuse for the lack of implementation.

The reason for a lack of success in a small business is the lack of accountability. As an owner, it is easy to get distracted from your goal and to slip into a survival mode that never ends.

The owners that I meet with on a weekly basis have stayed on track. Perhaps it is because they know they have to face me and give me updates on their selected path. The addition of face to face meetings, through SKYPE, on a weekly basis has allowed me to lower the cost and still provide the same quality of service. It has also allowed me to reach out to small businesses in other states  and still provide the quality, one on one, time that is needed.

To have 10, preset weekly, face to face meeting with me and then the addition of e-mail to summarize and expand our discussions, makes this process a necessity for all small businesses. The results have been far greater than the total cost of $500 ($50 per week).

Being a mentor is the best gift I have to offer to an owner that truly wants to grow a business and is will to be held accountable and encouraged to follow through.


My building blocks are: Earning trust, giving advice effectively and building long term relationships.

Have a great day!

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