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The Why and How To of Branding

Being able to promote and distinguish yourself as the top business in your field is the key to long-term financial success for any small business. Let’s define the term “Brand”: a brand is a name, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. The best way to think of a brand is as an image that the public remembers in a positive light. Know that it takes planning and consistent marketing efforts to establish and maintain your brand equity.

A brand creates a visual and an emotional connection between customers and a business; it is not just a logo, a color or slogan, a brand is a relationship. A brand should not be “motherhood and apple pie”; in other words, saying that you deliver quality and care about your clients is not enough.  You have to stand out from the crowd that says the same thing. Conveying your expertise and branding yourself as the “specialist” in your area of work is a differentiator.

Brands that you recognize didn’t just happen; they happened because of consistent marketing. “All businesses need a steady flow of new business in order to grow. Referrals and repeat business is nice and will improve your bottom line, but a steady stream of new clients will enable your business to continue to grow throughout the years you’re in business.” Every time you communicate with prospects, regardless of the format or medium, you should be conveying the same visual message in order to implant your Business Brand in people’s minds.

You must back up your message with quality service; this will keep you in the forefront of your customers mind.

Review your “branding efforts” are they consistent in all your marketing media? This includes business cards, brochures, blogs , web sites, social media, etc.


:Before everything else, getting ready is the key to success.”   Henry Ford

Have a great day!

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