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Take Your Kids to Work

” I work so many hours, I never see my kids”; how often do we hear those words and how true they are, in many cases, for small business owners. If you ask the children of a small business owner what their parents do, the usual answer is they go to work. If you press them further, you may find out that they don’t really know exactly what their parents do.

There are two things that need to be considered in this issue:

  1. Long work hours away from home may result in a lack of having a “family community”. Troubles with kids and spouses, many times, is a result of a lack time spent with the family.
  2. The second issue is the possibility of passing on the business to your children. There are a lot of benefits including retirement income.

Accomplishing this feat is not easy. It comes to a time management discipline and also a willingness to make your children, ( I recommend over the age of 3) part of your work day at least twice a month.

Depending upon the age, it may start as an hour of less in the office, followed by a special lunch. The objective is to make it “fun”, a “treat” to spend time at work with parents. As they get older they can “have fun” helping around the office and they can learn the value of work as well as the “fun” of work. Kids need to know where the money for the family comes from. I believe that time at the office is also a  good time to learn how to interact with other people and to learn “business manners”.

My challenge to you is to implement this process now. Kids, of any age, can benefit from learning about your business. Building a better relationship with your children will ease home pressure and will result in your being a better business person as  well as a better family member.

P.S. This system also works well with grandchildren.


Remember, Families are the backbone of our Nation!

Have a great day!

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