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Slow Down, You Can’t do it in One Day!

A word of caution, you can’t complete your business plan in one day. There is a lot of excitement when we complete a strategic focus plan for a business. The owner and management staff are ready to go and want to make everything happen now.

A plan, be it a business plan or one combined with a marketing plan, has a suggested time schedule for reaching each plateau. Trying to shorten the time frame allocate to reaching each plateau often results in frustration and  an “I give up attitude”.

The basics of our plan builds the foundation, any attempt to skip the foundation building step may result in a collapse of the entire structure. If your revenue has not been increasing in the last six months to a year, don’t try to make it all happen in a day. I know the budget process is boring, and yes, the reviewing of your current products and services might seem like a time waster. Customer treatment has to be planned and them implemented as a policy so all customers received exceptional service, all the time.

Automation of systems and procedures is another necessary step. By now, most small owners are calling me and asking when they will start making more money. Part of my job is to maintain the enthusiasm while building a solid foundation. This process also shows us the weaknesses in the company that need to be corrected.

Everything  flows from the foundation; revenue growth, new staff, new products and services, new offices, etc….


“Doing things a little bit at a time, all the time, has the highest probability of success”

Have a great day!

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