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Yes, you can become a consultant… No, it isn’t easy

It seems that when all else fails, the best job opportunity is to become a consultant.Consulting may be considered one of the fastest growing industries in today’s economy, what is not told, is how many fail, nor how many don’t earn a living.

“The distinction between the successful and the not so successful is not a function of technical or professional expertise, education of luck. Skill in marketing and selling, more than any other factor, explains the difference between those who struggle and those who flourish at the pinnacle of success.”

A small business that fails can usually trace it’s problems to a lack of marketing and planning. A small business owner that could not grow a business and decides that consulting offers an easier way to make money, is due for a major disappointment. To build a successful consulting practice, marketing must permeate every activity. It becomes a 24/7 endeavor; it must always be in the forefront of all your personal action.

The following items compose the foundation for a successful consulting career.

  • First, you must study and determine what the market needs. This is accomplished  through research, testing and your own intuition.
  • Like any other business, a consultant can’t be all things to all clients. We can define success as carefully defining the services to be provided in terms of market segments. In other words, commit to a target and niche marketing.
  • Place your clients interests above your own; have a devotion to client interests.
  • Always seek to establish a rapport before starting to sell your services.
  • Marketing your image and reputation. You need to be perceived as a “state-of-the art”, respected and sought after consultant.
  • Learn to market your successes. People buy results and benefits.
  • Don’t appear to be “broke & hungry” when talking to prospects.
  • Be accessible.
  • Understand the difference between marketing an selling.( Marketing establishes the image and reputation, selling results from a successful marketing campaign and involves getting a prospect to become a client.

I’ll end with this: without the consistency and regularity of marketing success if virtually impossible.”

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