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Spend 80% of your time doings things that will make you money!

Non productive time takes the biggest part of the day for small business owners. Busy time is another word for “unproductive time”. My definition of productive time is “Doing something that can, sooner rather than later, result in income for the firm“. Sweeping the floor may be categorized as a necessity for the image of the office, but it won’t bring in paying customer.
The 80/20 rule works well in defining task that have to be accomplished each day. End each day by making a list of the things you feel need to be accomplished the next day. Draw a line down a sheet of paper and label one column, “non productive time” and the other column productive time.

  • Take the list you made and fill in both columns.
  • Next prioritize each column.
  • If you work a 10 hour day you will have two hours to accomplish the non-productive items and eight hours to work on the productive  side. An 8 hour day will allow 1.6 hours ( 96 minutes) to work on the non-productive side.
  • Take a daily calendar sheet and fill in the time of day that you will be working on the productive side. Start with item number one, place it in a time slot and then continue until 80 % of your work day is filled.
  • The blank time should now be filled in with items that are non-productive.
  • If your list does not fill in the time allocated as productive time, than add more to that side.( If you don’t have any ideas, go to my blog,,  select a few marketing ideas and implement them).

Several things have to happen to make this concept work. First, you have to discipline yourself to stick to this system for at least 2 months,that’s how long it will take you to see the positive results of your efforts and to make this system part of your daily life. The second is learning to let go and delegate the non-productive things to others, or else, determine if all those things are really important.

If you are working with a mentor/coach, e-mail your list to your mentor each evening and also the results of the previous day’s lists. I use SKYPE to stay in touch with my daily list makers. Call me or e-mail me with your thoughts and comments. (602-989-1592) or


“Optimism is a cheerful frame of mind that enables a tea kettle to sing though in hot water up to its neck”

A mentor/coach can be useful in this situation, but if you can’t hold yourself accountable, then success will not come your way.

Have a great day!

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