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Your Image…. it is important…

All the marketing ideas we have presented this past year are also tied into your personal image. As an owner, you represent the company; your image, how your clients visually see you, plants in their minds how your business will work.

What constitutes a good image? Let’s consider the following:

  • Perhaps the single most important thing is your facial expression. A smile is always the right thing to wear.
  • Second is your voice tone. Is your greeting sincere and welcoming or is it without meaning, just words?
  • Third are your listening  skills. ( remember, God gave us two ears and only one mouth)
  • Yes, your overall appearance is important. Are you clothes in keeping with the service/product that you offer? Are your shoes polished? Do your clothes convey an image of trust and “quiet success”?
  • Be tasteful in your use of jewelry, watches, etc… Remember the target audience you are trying to sell.
  • If you carry a purse or a briefcase, is it in “good shape”? is your briefcase organized so you can open it easily and find what you need. An organized briefcase says your business is organized.

What other things do you carry on your person?

  • make sure that your business cards are “crisp” and also convey the image you are trying to project.
  • Don’t carry a “double think” wallet in your back pocket. For a man, your wallet should not be visible.
  • Is your hair cut and properly combed?

The old saying “dress for success” is true!


You are the cause of everything that happens to you. Be careful what you cause.

Have a great day!

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