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A consultant is an asset in more ways than one…

Perhaps I am prejudice; as a consultant you sometimes have to “shout” about the many benefits that I bring to a small  business. Pride and a fear of an unaffordable asset are the two biggest reasons why many small business would rather “drown” then seek help. Let’s review a few of the benefits that a qualified consultant can bring to your firm. (Even though I feel I am the very best, there are others that have credentials  to help you.

  • First and foremost, a consultant can take an objective look at your plans, or facilitate a planning session to point you in the right direction. In my opinion, a small business owner can no more develop a business plan alone,  than a person can perform brain surgery on themselves.
  • Accountability which means perseverance, on behalf of the small business owner is the secret to success. A consultant is with you every step of the way. He is paid to make sure you keep your nose to the grindstone.
  • The benefits far exceed the cost of a good consultant. An inexpensive rate does not mean that a consultant is not good. I have, for example, been able to cut my fees well over 50% by using the internet and a live feed via SKYPE. This saves travel time and expenses which are usually passed on to the client. I can now handle nationwide clients from my office, as a cost effective yet beneficial service.
  • Another benefit is the “bragging rights” . You now can share with your clients and prospects that you are using a consultant to grow your business and to better your service. It’s not only the “big boys” that can afford a consultant.

The best investment many small business people can make is first, to admit that they don’t have all the answers, and second, to recruit a consultant to walk with them as their business grows. Fees don’t always have to be paid in cash, I, for example, am looking for a highly technical partner in a new business venture. My payment to my tech consultant will be an ownership  in the new business venture.


“You can’t build a reputation of what you are going to do.”  Henry Ford

Have a great day!

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