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Never Eat Alone……

We are all in the people business and visiting with several different people each week is at the heart of networking. Of all the marketing concepts that I have introduced to clients, meeting new people is the hardest one to implement. Someday I will write an “excuse book” featuring the countless, worthless reasons I have been given as to why meeting people is virtually impossible.

The best laid schemes of mice and men…… having a good idea, having a written business and marketing plan having the best of intentions, etc… all of these need to be implemented in order to be worthwhile. The following is not a new concept, it has been written about by many “motivational guru’s”. The only problem is they tell you do do it but don’t tell you how…

  • First, make a commitment that during your working hours, you will never eat alone or with someone in your office.. There are plenty of opportunities to schedule a meeting with a staff member; reserve your lunch time for networking with someone that does not work in your office.
  • Call a current or past client , call a friend, call someone you met at a social function call someone from your church; the important factor here is to have someone join you for lunch. Yes, there has to be a lunch marketing budget, because sometime you may have top pay.
  • a civic or club lunch meeting counts.
  • A lunch meeting is a listening and giving meeting first and then an “asking” meeting. You ask and then listen how your lunch partner is doing, business, family, etc. Next you ask how you can help them with their business. Last you tell them that you have a goal of meeting 50 new people this year, all of whom will be introduced to you by friends and clients. It’s your goal and you need their help. You want to tell your story. It’s a contest, perhaps like one you had when you were in school, and were selling  something in order to raise money for a school trip, etc. Keep a running record and share your progress.

To make it even more worthwhile, skip lunch if you have to eat alone,

As you meet these 50 new friends, add their names and e-mails to your contact list and make sure you touch base with each, in some form, at least twice a month.

This system will work and will result in new business, it’s up to you to make it work.


Doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten… and success is not one …

Have a great day!

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