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The Journey — 7 weeks to increased profits

It can’t work for me; I don’t have time; sounds “pretty stupid” , how do I know it will work…..   Amazing what kind of excuses people come up with. Yes, my business has to grow or I will have to close, but maybe there is something else that I can think of to grow my business faster.

These excuses tell me that there are two things at work in your mind;

  1. A fear of failure: why spend my time doing something that may or may not work.
  2. A lazy gene that is found in many small business owners. Some call it procrastination, I call it lack of discipline towards completing a work project.

For today, go back and review your answers to the four, foundation building questions, from yesterday. Make sure that you answered from both mind and heart; make any necessary changes. Most of you will make a few changes now that when you go back and re-read your questions and answers.

Today’s assignment may take several evenings to complete, but it is critical to our foundation.

  • Spend whatever time is necessary to complete a comprehensive “family budget” for the next twelve months. Include your spouse and children ( that live at home) in the budget process.
  • This will determine what the business has to provide  in order for your family to enjoy a “financial, stress free” life.

If you already have a full twelve month written budget that was prepared by you and your family, you are among only 2% of clients, that I have met who have accomplished this feat.

Remember, every step in this journey has to be completed in order to achieved increased profits.

Please use as my contact e-mail. no, I don’t mind your questions and comments.


If you don’t know where you are, no road will take you  where you want to go.

Have a great day!

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