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If you are just starting the process this is really lesson three. You will just be a few days behind the rest of the group. Go back to the Sunday, June 20th entry and follow the instructions. Yes, I still want your e-mails.

Increasing profits in a small service business requires people.

Your assignment for Thursday is to make a list of 30 people, not just any people, but people that meet the following criteria. They could be current clients, friends, or casual acquaintances. They may even be someone you know of, but have not met. They must meet all the following criteria.

  • Have, or potentially have, the type of character that you could become a friend with. Notice the word friend. This group will form another layer of our foundation.
  • They have the potential to become a very good client and a potential source of quality referrals.
  • They are successful in their line of work and respected in the community.
  • They have a good work ethic.
  • Their spiritual and family life shine, just by the way they live.

Don’t pick any 30 names to complete this assignment. Take time to analyze each of your potential picks; match them against the five points listed above. To complete this list, you need to have not only their name, but also where they work, their contact numbers, (phone and e-mail) . Another goal is to obtain home addresses and names of family members and the families important dates such as birthday, anniversaries, etc.


remember my favorite saying as you start this process:

Character is the ability to carry on after the mood has left you.  ( do you have character?)

Have a great day!

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