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If you are willing to work, your business will grow

(This system started with the June 20 the blog; go back and start the process from that date)

Starting the second week. Most frequent comments have to do with the lack of time to complete the budget section of this process. If you don’t know where you are starting you will never get to where you want to go. If your budgets are not complete, then you need to spend time and complete those. It’s hard to grow a business without a budget.

Real Networking  occurs when you find ways to make other people more successful. Last week, one of your assignments was to create a list of 30 people that met a certain criteria. today you will start using list.Take the first name on your list and make an appointment to visit with this person. ( a real live visit, not e-mail, phone, etc). Be persistent in your attempts to set the meeting. Book your appointment time and date on your outlook. The goal is to set one appointment every day during the week. You can set us more than one appointment at a time. Hopefully, you can fill up this week with just five calls that can be made in less than an hour.

Part of this process requires you to visit these 30 people, if possible in a 30  work day schedule; coffee, lunch etc are good times to set the meeting. Try not to  have the meeting in the office of the person you are calling. I find that they will pay a lot more attention when out of the office.

Have a format for your visit; it may change after your several meetings, but don’t have a meeting without knowing what you are going to say. The following is a short recommended format to help you get started.

  • Purpose of  meeting is to gather information about  the person, their company , family hobbies, etc. Remember the the word FORD (Family, occupation, recreation, dreams) to help you create your conversation.
  • After listing to their story, perhaps you will get an idea about how you can  help them with their business by sending them business, referring someone, etc.
  • Your next step is to share your story ( you prepared that in an earlier lesson) try to establish a link where your two businesses can work together.
  • It is not always possible, at this stage of your relationship, to know exactly how you can be of service to them. You might tell them that you respect their business and their knowledge and ask if they will help mentor you and then share your story.

It may take you several visits before you can learn to adjust your meeting agenda “on the fly” using your basic story as the foundation.

See how many of your 30 meetings you can schedule today”


“Long after people forget what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel”

Tim Sanders

Have a great day!

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