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(This seven week free course started with my June 20 blog. If you want to start now, please go back to the June 20th Blog and follow instructions.)

Time to think about goals for the next year. Your assignment for today is to make a list of 5 things that you want your company to achieve by the end of the next twelve months. This is not a 10 minute exercise! Give this assignment the benefit of a full day of thinking. Keep your journal with you all day and jot down all ideas that come to you. Twenty four hours after you start, read your goals, pick the top five and then prioritize them.

  • If you haven’t finished setting your appoints, make that a priority for today.
  • make sure that you record each visit in your journal. State what you learned during your meeting and most important, remember how you can help this person. Work on getting complete information from each person that you visit.
  • continue working on your past client list. This project should be complete by tomorrow.

This is all part of the foundation. The only outreach we have done so far is the 30 contacts that we are visiting, one a day.

Make sure that after each visit you send a thank you card, by mail.

A lot of work, but you will develop a routine which will stay with you during your business life.


You’ve got to seize the opportunity if it is presented to you.

Clive Davis

Have a great day!

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