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Last week your assignment was to become familiar with an e-mail  newsletter system.  One suggestion was to look at Today your challenge is to send out a newsletter to all your email contacts. The following are some suggestions for completing this assignment.

  • insert all your e-mail addresses, friends, clients, relatives, etc into your e-mail system.While not everyone is a client, most everyone can be a source of referrals or can become future clients.
  • Next, comes the writing process. The opening paragraph should state why you are writing the newsletter ( a good starting point is to update everyone on current happenings in your business and industry. Also state the frequency of  your newsletter. I recommend at least once a month.
  • Next, using bullet points, state several important issues about your business or industry. The purpose is not to sell but to  entice your readers to call you for more information.
  • Your newsletter should provide a place where your readers can contact you via e-mail. Always give your readers an opportunity to decline receiving future editions of your newsletter.
  • One way to get initial readership is to e-mail your contacts and tell them that you will be starting an e-mail monthly newsletter and you would appreciate their comments. Tell them the name of your newsletter so that they can be on the lookout for it.
  • Your initial newsletter is sent to only people that know who you are. Your challenge is to add at least one new e-mail ( with permission) address each week to your e-mail list. Invite others to join your e-mail newsletter  in all your other marketing efforts. If you have any employees, invite them to provide other e-mail addresses of people that may benefit from the information provided. Always make sure that permission is received before their name is added to your list.
  • Consistency and content is the key to a newsletter success. Work on your newsletter is a month long effort, even though it should be short and to the point. In other words, don’t write it 10 minutes before it should be sent out.

When you are out and about this coming week stop at a bookstore and purchase the book Blogging to Drive Business.  (written by Eric Butow and Rebecca Bollwitt) We will talk about your blog at a future date. In the meantime, start reading this book.

You are in the 3rd week of the 7 week process. Stick with it and good things will happen.

This free, seven week course started with my June 20th Blog. if you want to start now, please go back to the June 20th blog and follow instructions. />


If you think you’re to small to make a difference, you haven’t been in bed with a mosquito.

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