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DAY 12/35 ( per your request each session will have the day number on it) Day one started June 20 if you need to catch up

Yesterday we added our second out reach program via our newsletter. The first, which should still be in process is visiting 30 people, listening to their story, asking how you can help and then sharing your story.

Today is a review and “clean up day”. With 23 days remaining in the process you should have visited at least 7 of your list of 30. Each part of this process has to be completed; if you are one day behind, catch up today and visit two people. Once you give up on a section you will disrupt the entire bottom line increase process.

Is your personal and business budget complete? If not, ask yourself, how bad do I want my business to grow?

Do you have an e-mail list started for your first newsletter? Have you finished writing you first newsletter? If not, complete it today.

Review your foundation principles as outlined on day 2.

A wise mentor I had to start my career told me this: Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong.  His goal was to get me to take action on the assignments he gave me more than 30 years ago. I thought perfection was a criteria for building a business, I found out that growing through mistakes is an excellent teacher.

Good question: Can I work with two other businesses to help each other complete this process? Of course the answer is yes. A support group is something we will touch upon in the near future.

Yes, I am available to be a personal coach as you walk through this process. I use SKYPE to facilitate personal meetings. Please call me at 602-989-1592 or e-mail me at for complete information. A coach, as well as a business support group, will  help keep you on track and accountable to your commitment.


He who can take no interest in what is small will take false interest in what is great.

John Ruskin

Have a great day!

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