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The Lost Art of Reading

(DAY 13/35)
You work hard during the day  and evenings are your time to relax; spend time with the family, friends, watching TV or surfing the net. Somewhere in the course of your evening,  I am going to ask you to find an extra half hour to devote to growing your business. There are many quality books and magazines that deserve your attention. You don’t have to “re-invent the wheel”, someone else already has. You need to adopt the concept to your own business needs.

Good reading material will help build your business foundation in three important categories: business systems, business news and  business motivation.  The following books and magazines will help you get started on a good reading program. Read these books and then venture out on your own to select additional reading material.

  • The E myth by Michael E. Gerber
  • The E myth Enterprise  by Michael E. Gerber
  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine

These two books and two magazines should be your starting point. During the rest of this journey I will recommend other books for your library. Don’t procrastinate, start your reading today!


Wisdom is knowing what to do….
Skill is knowing how to do it.
Virtue is doing it.

Thomas Jefferson

Have a great day!

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