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Journey to increased profits

(DAY 14/35) This course started with the June 20th blog.

The second session ( Blog dated Monday June 21) asked  you answer 4 questions. Go back to those questions and answer them without referring to the answers you gave at the beginning. What changes do you see in your answer? Have your views changed? It’s always good to go back to review our foundation to make sure it doesn’t have any cracks.

Marketing is both an internal and external function. To date we have concentrated on building up our external marketing. In the past three weeks you have made one on one direct contacts; you started an e-newsletter; you are gathering names and contact information to add to your e-mailing list.

Today take a look at your “silent” internal marketing; this includes:

  • Your office; is it clean neat and orderly: does it convey a feeling of comfort and trust?
  • How do you and your staff dress for work? Does it measure up to your target market and your professional expectations:
  • does your telephone and e-mail answering techniques convey a pleasant, caring and trusting attitude?
  • Does your business card carry a message of how you differentiate yourself from others? When someone gets one of your business cards do they ask for more information about what you do, based on the message on the card?
  • Has every staff member bought into your new system? Are they aware of your goals and what you are doing to reach them? Do they know how they will benefit? Have you asked them to participate in the process.

A common sense assignment for today, but an important one in the overall scope of our journey. Make corrections if any of these areas need more attention.


Example is not the main thing in life – it is the only thing.

Albert Schweitzer

Have a great day!

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