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Business Watch – Increasing the bottom line through wise purchasing

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Growing a small business is hard and it gets even harder when capital expenditures are required. The following are a few thoughts that I have experienced with my clients:

  • Need for additional out going phone lines: In an office where telephone usage is critical to gathering new business, the traditional telephone lines are very expensive.  The solution was to give each marketing person their own phone and line. Each person worked an 8  hour shift and their computer was kept on all day. Each person was given a “magic jack” for a cost of $20 per year for unlimited local and long distance calls plus their own number. We devised a more personal system in communicating with prospects and cut the overall foretasted cost by more than 75%. Yes, each person was given an inexpensive phone and an initial investment was made to purchase the connector. Phone quality is very good and the system has not experienced any trouble to date.
  • In a small office an expenditure of $300 to $600 is major, thus, when an office copier breaks down and is beyond repair, a problem exists. The solution the office had a staff of 5 and each work station had it’s own computer and printer. We recommended that a new copier should not be purchased at this time and recommended that each person used their own printer to run copies as needed. During the two month test period we found that the printer ink expense had not changed and the copy need seldom exceeded two or three copies. It was determined that if a run of over 25 copies had to be made they would be out-sourced; none were required during our two month test period. After two  months the staff liked the change and the savings for the capital expenditures plus the saving for toner gave the owner an opportunity to put the money in another area. In my opinion the overall operation became more efficient  as a result of this move.

In a small business dollars have to be put to use in the area where they can produce the most results. An extra two to three hundred dollars a month can be allocated, perhaps to marketing and thus provide additional business without having to come up with new marketing dollars. Take a look at your own operation and study your budget; bringing in new business is the key to success.


A coincidence is a small miracle where God chooses to remain anonymous.

Heidi Quade

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