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The Second Most important book that everyone should own

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The Be Prepared Book

I first published this book in 2002, I then published it in a loose ring binder and added an interactive disk which allows you to download all the forms in your computer. It will accumulate all the imputed data and give you a current financial position. It is the most complete information record keeping system for a family that I have ever seen.

The following are a few of the categories that are contained in this record keeping system: Personal and family data; cash accounts, all insurance policies, real estate ownership (home, investment and vacation); emergency medical information; wills & trusts, retirement status, collectibles, cars, illness and death instructions for the family, small business ownership information, and much much more…

The Be Prepared Book was designed not only to assist you in case of an emergency, but also to help you analyze your readiness for the only constant in our lives, change,  The best offense to achieve your goals is an awareness of your current position and a clear future destination.

Like anything worthwhile in life, it takes time to complete the information when you first start gathering information. Once complete, it takes less than an hour a month to keep it updated.The benefit is not only  the knowledge that your information is in one place (make a copy for your CPA and attorney and also one for a close family member) and that in case of an emergency, (flood, fire, theft, etc) all your information will not be destroyed.

This is one time that I am going to ask you to act today; visit and purchase your copy and one for a friend. All my clients have and use a copy; I insist that they keep it up to date for our meetings.


In the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves.

Bernard Baruch

Have a great day!

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